Justin Bieber strips and flaunts Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has not backed out from showcasing its smoking range this time as well and with Justin Bieber stripping down for the brand, there could be nothing more desirable. Calvin Klein’s global advertising campaign for spring 2015 brings out one of the sexiest star of the era to model for them. Justin Bieber has come out manly in the campaign as is evident from the pictures featured in the media. The speculations about Justin’s role in Calvin Klein’s next collection have come out to be true. The Canadian musical power performer has actually modelled for Calvin Klein’s spring collection for the year 2015.


With tattoos lingering all over the body, Justin Bieber is seen flaunting Calvin Klein’s underwear range in the recent photo shoot he did for the label. The pop star could not have got a better kick start to the year than this one. The photo shoot features Justin Bieber along with the famous model Lara Stone keeping it hot for the company to sell out its spring collection. The pictures depict the exquisitely charged and matured look of Justin. The muscular stance he has developed in the recent times is something to drool over while he shows off the same as the face of Calvin Klein. It has been speculated that Justin worked out 5 days a week for the shoot, he has done for Calvin Klein. The look of Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein’s spring 2015 advertising campaign is a delight for the eyes of the fans.

The idea of getting this star to do the modelling and advertising campaign for the brand has truly paid off. The label is doing quite well and the campaign is being liked by the masses. The sensuality portrayed by Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein’s spring 2015 campaign is a ‘wow’ factor in the advertising process of this label. The company has put forward the best ambassador for its spring collection. This will, for sure, have its effects on the competition in the market. Calvin Klein has set a high bar for its competitors as the advertising campaign looks excellent and is incredibly enviable. The company does not miss out on presenting the most exotic looks of its model and with Justin doing it this time, nothing could have gone wrong for them.

For this particular campaign, Justin’s face alone does not do the talking. Every other body part of Justin shouts out sexiness in the pictures that have come out for the spring collection of Calvin Klein. The campaign videos and pictures have already gone viral all over the internet making this star crawl into the news features exclusive trends. As Justin Bieber strips down to his underwear for Calvin Klein, we get to witness his smoking hot and sexually appealing side. The brand itself is seen to make huge bucks out of what Justin got down for it. The workouts and diets have paid off quite well in making this star look irresistible for the viewers. Justin Bieber is guilty as charged for being the sexiest model for Calvin Klein’s spring 2015 collection.

Photo credit : Calvin Klein Jeans

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