Kanye West To Be Or Not To Be American’s Idol Judge?

There are a lot of speculations lately regarding the potential players of American Idol’s judges and it looks like that Kanye West might be one of them.

Some other judges are announced to be Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj according to some sources.

The price which Kanye West is joining the program might be $18 milion,just as in Mariah’s Carey case.

kany west american idol

I am sure that Kanye’s west girlfriend,Kim Kardashian will agree for him joining one of the most greatest shows of America.

On the other hand the two love birds are having the moments of their life,being in preparations for the upcoming wedding.

Kanye did hired one jeweler for designing the engagement ring which it should have diamonds and rubies,but till then the divorce need to be finalized between Kim and Kris.

There future is looking bright for those two.

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