Kanye West tried to kill himself

Kanye West revealed in his new movie scenes "Runaway" that he tried to kill himself.

He said:

"There were times that I contemplated suicide, but I will not give up on life again." he said

He also said something interesting:

"With the passing of Michael Jackson, I feel a responsibility to bring things to our generation that can inspire and bring real culture to pop cuIture don’t sleep any more thinking how we are going to fill this gap, and create something to inspire on the level he did."
"I don’t want to be put in the hip-hop box, I’m an artist. Hopefully I’ll hook up with George Lucas and do a film about yellow people with beaks." Well, we’d definitely pay good money to see that…" he added.
We hope he will not ever think about taking his life because is the most amazing thing that God gave us.
Take care Kanye!

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