Kanye West`s girlfriend is an bisexual

Kanye West has a new girlfriend model Amber Rose which is a bisexual.They were seen together Vivienne Westwood fashion presentation in New York.

Before being with the rapper, Amber was a beautiful love story with a woman, a Tiffany. A couple of close, said: “It is right for him. Mannequin is Amber and has a style and a unique attitude and Kanye …. It is understood”.

But that would be understandable to Kanye? Here’s what he declared a little while ago: “People always ask me what is my engine. I think I was sexually obsessed small child and this is one of the keys to my success. In primary school, my toys were sexual: creasem, eg Penis Remix, a video game like Super Mario. The main character was a hero who had to destroy vagine.

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