Kate Bosworth – Marie Claire March 2015 Shoot

Kate Bosworth looked exceedingly stunning at her L.A. photo shoot for the leading Marie Claire Magazine. The “Still Alice” star is scheduled to be released as the cover girl of the March 2015 Marie Claire issue. She was worked on by hair stylist Peter Grey and makeup artist Kristen Gallegos.


In the photo shoot, she posses for the famous David Roemer, who is with Atelier Management, in a very minimalist style. Her poses and outfits include the all- white outfits created by fashion designer April Hughes to highlight her beautiful golden locks and baby-blue eyes.

She looks breathtaking with the light sky blue backgrounds in the color shots, and even more in the vintage black and white. Lastly, to get things grooving, the shoot was done under the indie tunes of a personal set DJ. And, right after the photo shoot, Bosworth hopped on a jet to a quick vacation in Australia.

Photo credit : David Roemer/Marie Claire UK

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