Kate Middleton is definitely not pregnant!


Contrary to a flurry of rumors in British press, Kate Middleton is not pregnant. The rumors that the wife of British Royalty was pregnant were sparked off by her refusal to eat a sample of peanut paste at an event organized by UNICEF in Denmark recently. Peanuts are suspected to be a cause of allergies in unborn babies. However, insiders claim that she turned down the paste because she is camera-shy and did not want to be spotted in the media while eating.
Kate Middleton wore a tight dinner gown to a military event recently, dispelling any rumors that she could be pregnant. A spokesman from the Royal family claimed that an appropriate announcement will be made if and when the time to make one comes. But for now, Kate Middleton is not pregnant.
Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in April 2011 in an event witnessed by millions across the world. The world has been anticipating a royal pregnancy ever since.

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