Kate Middleton Names Her Baby George Alexander Louis

It has been announced that the royal baby is to be called, George. However, that does not mean he will use this name once he has taken the throne. When royals are in line for the throne they are entitled to use a different name for their coronation. The boy’s grandfather, Charles could choose the name George VII as his regal name. The reason behind this is that the name Charles has unfortunate connotations since it was Charles I who lost his head. However, it is unlikely that Charles will choose the name George if he takes the throne. He may decide to use another name that he prefers.

kate middleton baby george

There were also some George’s who were rogues. The only other Prince of Cambridge in history was named George and was known for his loose living, not entirely worthy of royalty. However, there were some George’s known for their worthy living. One of which was Britain’s last king, the Queen’s father, ‘George VI’ who supported the monarchy when his brother Edward VIII was suddenly abdicated in 1936. George is a name that is certainly worthy of royalty.

The parents have been quick to announce the name of their baby George. Whereas the Queen took a month to announce the name of their first son, Charles. The world waited to hear if the baby would be called George or James as the bookmakers favorite. People were quick to place bets on their favorite name. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son’s name will need to be registered in person, with Westminster registry office within the next 41 days.

The full name of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son is ‘George Alexander Louis’. Royal infants often have historical names that are passed down the line through the generations and it was thought they would give him a historical name.

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