Kate, not Katie, for Bobbi Brown

News is out on Good Morning America and Twitter, that Kate Upton is the New Face of Bobbi Brown. She apparently replaces Katie Holmes as the face of the brand, a blonde alternative to the brunette star who has been with the company only a year.

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Kate, who stars with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the movie The Other Woman, was chosen by Bobbi because of her female self-confidence. Bobbi describes Kate as having positive energy, being healthy and comfortable in her own skin, and independent-minded.

Kate states that she is a fan of the make-up brand because it enhances the light, natural look that she prefers. She comments that ‘a little bit of concealer or a little blush, even bronzer, can make you feel more confident.’ Not one for an elaborate make-up routine when she is off-duty, the Sports Illustrated cover girl is comfortable about being seen without make-up in public, and may even provide a no-makeup-selfie.

The first campaign pic shows Kate in a plain white shirt-blouse, showing several inches of cleavage and with her blonde locks flying loose. Her classic make-up look has dark, well defined brows with Kate’s blue eyes emphazised by black eyeliner and lashes, plenty of healthy-looking blusher on the cheeks and peachy lips for a natural look.

Kate and Bobbi can also be seen in a YouTube video, explaining their mutual admiration. Both are successful women: Kate has been modelling since she was 18, and Bobbi started her beauty company when she was in her early thirties. She sold her business to Estee Lauder but still maintains complete creative control, which has enabled her to choose her own brand ambassador.

The first campaign photos will be in July, and print ads showing Kate Upton as the New Face of Bobbi Brown will start appearing in September.

Photo credit : GQ

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