Kate Upton Splashed Onto GQ Cover

Kate Upton, the blonde bombshell from Florida has served us another sumptuous helping of her ravishing body on July’s edition of GQ magazine. First, she had the YouTube community reeling with a video of her doing “the Dougie” during an LA Clippers game. Then she became this year’s Sports Illustrated cover girl. This got celebrated cameraman, Terry Richardson to have a video shoot of her in the same skimpy, bright red bikini. That video, featuring Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” dance was also posted on YouTube and caused such a furor until it was eventually brought down by the site.
The twenty year old Upton will leave little to the imagination in next month’s issue. The cover features an eye-popping blue and red bikini with white stars that has Upton’s ample rack splashed out. She also revealed that she had a “wardrobe malfunction” during the shoot. Allegedly, her breasts popped out of her attire when she was getting shots of her spinning in a chair. What makes it even more fascinating is that it was a one-piece swimsuit.

 kate upton gq magazine
Kate Upton is upstaging the cover girl industry with her bravado in front of cameras. In an upcoming film, “The Three Stooges” by Farrlley Brothers, the blonde bullet appears in what us referred to as a “nun-kini”. It has caused a furious response from the Catholic League that term it as offensive.
Upton’s other work includes being the main model for Guess, posing for Dooney & Bourke and also appearing in various shoots for Garage. For the July GQ magazine, the photos were once again taken by Terry Richardson. As always, the provocative bikini pictures will not fail to excite. The most memorable photo will be one in which Upton is shown lying on grass, slightly turned upwards, with her hands covering her bare chest. GQ magazine should expect the copies to fly off the shelves from June 26.

Photo credit : Terry Richardson / GQ

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