Kate’s Upton Elle Uk September 2014 Interview

Kate Upton may be well known by many for her stunning looks and curvaceous body, but on the September’s issue of ELLE UK, she candidly opens up about her life growing up, fears and her life as a model.
The 22 year supermodel blonde despite having one of the most coveted jobs, bodies and looks in the world confesses that, growing up, she was never considered pretty enough. Her major concern back then was not having a voluptuous body similar to those of Florida women, which were highly glamorised. That though was before she transformed from a girl into a woman, and got to get the curvaceous body that she had always longed for.


Unfortunately, her new physique wasn’t well embraced as she would have wished. Instead, it was highly critiqued by her agents who pressured her into losing some weight. Despite the constant pressure, she stood her ground and refused to give in. This was not just because she loved her new self, but also because of the love she got from her clients who loved her natural curves. Her agents however didn’t bow.

“I would go into an agency and feel like crap about myself,” she says. Now that she knows, agents are barely ever right as they don’t really understand the reality of the modelling industry. But despite of her high self confidence, she admits that there are times when she feels awfully insecure.

“It’s not like I look in the mirror and think, I’m killing it! My eyes are killing it.” She says. At times, she is bloated and puffy and admits that, although she likes herself in general, at times, she doesn’t.

In regards to her future as a top model, she says that she would be okay leaving it all behind and settling on a farm, for she already has the most important things in her life; her family and friends, and her dog and horse.

A full interview on this rising Florida farm girl can be read on UK’s ELLE magazine as soon as the issue hits the market on September 1st.

Photo credit : Elle UK / Matt Jones

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