Katie Holmes Hiring A Confidence Coach

One of the most popular celebrity news nowadays is the separation of Katie Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise. In addition, Katie Holmes hired a person which is called a “confidence coach” just to help her get back and stand up on her feet again because she was quite depressed on her break-up with Tom Cruise. The husband of Katie Holmes, who is Tom Cruise, was reported who’s the one who ended his 5 year married relationship with his wife just this year. Even though Tom Cruise was fine with what happened, Katie, however, wasn’t really okay about it. She was actually left with a need of someone’s help to lead her to a new direction.
It was actually reported that Katie seen a great and bright future for her and her daughter Suri but eventually, that fine-looking image just evaporated and now Katie needs to have someone who will give her some advice on how to go on with life. That is the exact reason why she has hired a confidence or also called as life coach now which she has been seeing once in every week so that she can regain everything especially her self-esteem and confidence to move on and live the life without her husband.

katie holmes confidence
Katie has already filed a divorce on the 27th of June this year and two weeks after that, both Katie and Tom signed and had a deal which pertains to the visitation rights of Tom to their daughter Suri. Currently, Katie Holmes is slowly getting back on track and she is actually having roles in different movies such as the Broadway Play Dead Accounts and the Responsible Adults. It has also been reported that Katie has been returning expensive gifts for Suri from designers. Even though she is slowly regaining her confidence, the return of Suri from having a trip with her dad has somehow, still, affected Katie.

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