Katy Perry and Barbara Walters Patch Up

Photo credit : GettyImages
Photo credit : GettyImages

Perry and Barbara Walters kiss and make up: Barbara Walters has apologized to Katy Perry for making her upset during her bad marriage days. She might be tough women in her journalism career but her heart is not made of stone!

The veteran journalist offered an open apology to the pop singer Katy Perry recently for make it hard for her during her interview in 2011. This was the time when Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand and her marriage was falling apart.The 84 year old journalist apologized with Katy as she was harsh with Katy when the 28 year old pop star arrived later for her interview.

Sources reveal that she said to Katy Perry that if she had made Katy feel unhappy in addition to unhappier time she was in, she was sorry as she did not know. The apology was asked after a few days of Katy Perry’s interview for the Billboard magazine where she stated that she was stung by Barbara’s words during the interview in November 2011.

This interview was soon after Barbara chose the pop singer as one among the Top Ten Most Interesting People of 2011. Barbara had compared Katy to late Judy Garland as she asked, “you know how she turned out” when she came late for the 2011 interview. Just a month after the interview, her husband Russell Brand who shared a one-year relation with the roar singer filed for divorce. Katy had told Billboard that she feels that she must not have done that interview. In addition, she was playing at the Madison Square Garden that night and knew that her marriage was on the rocks. She was too much exhausted and stressed bout the whole situation.

The singer also added that as she was in the middle of a big interview, she could not tell Barbara that her marriage life was falling apart and that she wanted a break.

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