Katy Perry and Russell Brand done


Well not all marriages last, and Katy Perry and Russell Brand are now set to be another statistic in the books.

Though for many people this may not come as a surprise that this couple only made it for a full 14 months, hey it’s longer than Kim and Kris made it! But anyway the couple really didn’t seem like they had that much in common to begin with has only made it something that couldn’t last.

You have to think this was a couple that was doomed from the very beginning. Look at the past of Perry who was raised in a Christian household as compared to the opposite character of Brand.

One as a person who just didn’t want to party that much compared to a consummate drinker and partier, it wasn’t a match that had much of a chance to begin with. Was it something that happened during one of those drunken nights?

Perhaps it has absolutely nothing to do with whether either of them were faithful or not. But just the fact that they seemed to be mismatched to start with. As with any divorce though this is something that will be difficult for both parties involved. So not to make it seem like this marriage was not as important as anyone else’s out there. It just the fact that they are celebrities and that places them in the spotlight a lot more than anything.

One great thing about the marriage could be the fact that Brand did seek treatment. Though during those sessions it could have been a bit of innocent flirting that took place to bring out his flirting ways a little too much.

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