Katy Perry Blowing Hot and Cold on Russell

Katy Perry divorce

Rumors are surfacing that Katy Perry wants Russell Brand back. An unnamed friend to the twenty seven year old singer says that she has gone sentimental about her former husband and perhaps the loneliness is getting the better of her. Brand, 36, and a comedian, filed for divorce in December 2011.
Katy Perry recently released “Part of Me” an emotional record that could be seen as validation of this news. The sources also say that Katy Perry wants Russell Brand back after her emotions went into overdrive after visiting India. The pair had their lavish wedding ceremony at a tiger sanctuary in October 2010. The two were fairly amicable during divorce proceedings. Russell Brand forfeited his interest in their Los Angeles house for which they are said to pay US $ 100, 000 per year in home insurance.
To some degree, Katy might have hopes. Although the court accepted the divorce papers in February, it will be made final on June 30th. California law allows for a six month waiting period before marriage dissolution is made official.

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