Ke$ha in Complex Magazine

Ke$ha talks in Complex Magazine about being attracted of men with beards and quarters,weird huh?I think she did this for the love of press,to have something weird about her,this is called marketing!

What turns you on that people would find bizarre?
Ke$ha: Um, quarters.
Ke$ha: Yeah, like a bag full of quarters.
So a guy holding a bag full of quarters could potentially turn you on?
Ke$ha: Like a big bearded guy with a bag of quarters. I think it’s some weird pirate fantasy that was unfulfilled in a past lifetime.
Is there a specific type of beard that you’re into?
Ke$ha: I like the rugged, mountain-man beard, personally. I won’t discriminate, but my favorite kind of beard is one that could potentially be a homeless beard. Like, you actually have to discover if they’re un-groomed for a reason. I like a really unkempt beard.
So you’re saying to have a shot with you, I would need a homeless beard and something to do with a bag of quarters?
Ke$ha: You would also have to have a big dick, and I don’t really know anything about that. Then you’re probably good to go.

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