Kendall Jenner Is Delicious In Flavor Magazine

kendall jenner flavor magazine 2012

Kendall Jenner did a photoshoot for Flavor Magazine just like a professional,and we are really proud of her!

Even that her age is not recommended for this,we must say she’s doing a fine job!

When analyzing this photo,I can easily say she’s at least 20!

Most of the kids of her age are concentrated on something else which is more suitable for their ages but Kendall wants already to be someone famous.

Kim Kardashian said:

“They are soooo beautiful. I love the whole look with the slicked back hair, the  gorgeous swimwear and the incredible views from the Goldstein House,” she blogged Friday. “So proud of you, Kendall!”

So please do tell me,what’s your flavor?

Photo credit : Flavor Magazine

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