Kendall Jenner – The New Kid on the Block for Fendi

Being one of the freshest faces for a brand like Fendi is not a child’s play. But this new kid on the block is taking all the credits for her chic style and glamorous look. Kendall Jenner is going all guns blazing at the ramp on the international circuit for Fendi. This 19 year old model has already been on the scene for sometime appearing for the most prestigious label like Chanel. She has done many shows for Chanel and now she has also become the face of the accessories campaign by Karl Lagerfeld’s, the head of Fendi. In a very short period of time, Kendall has gained much popularity and appreciation for her work and she is sure to be around for quite some time now.


About Kendall

This 19 year model has created a name for her even while having been born in an illustrious family. Recently the news is that her father Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change and will become a woman from a man. In reply to that in a recent news conference, Jenner stated that she will love her father whether he is a man or a woman. Just changing sex does not make him less loving. Jenner is simply flourishing in her career with Fendi now and hoping to have more appearances on the international fashion circuit.

Kendall Jenner  is also quite savvy with social media and posts regularly on Instagram and twitter too about her upcoming shows and other activities. She is regular on the social media and that makes her a very popular figure and a celebrity as well. She is lately seen wearing a blue fleece bath robe and hiding her face with the famous yellow Fendi Bag with her friend. She has posted quite a few pictures on Instagram and been hugely liked.

Her assignments with Fendi

In the beginning of her international modelling career, Kendall Jenner has walked the ramp for Chanel in the Paris Fashion Week. After she became the face of Fendi, Kendall has been involved in almost all the major events and promotions of the brand including being the face of the Fendi accessories as well. She has made her appearances in the Milan Fashion Week for Fendi and has been applauded hugely for her style and work.

On a final note

Kendall Jenner is constantly on the news because of her shows at various international fashion circuits. She is busy with more modelling assignments nowadays and that is why she is known to be a very hard working model on the recent times. She works very hard for all her assignments and as being the face of Fendi, brings on added responsibilities on her to be absolutely perfect and glamorous that helps the brand showcase their latest collections of bags and accessories all around the world. Being an international model is not an easy job, but Kendall, it seems, is doing her job pretty well indeed and setting an example for other to follow.

Photo credit : Instagram

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