Kendell Jenner Stars in Vogue Sporting Tomboy Style

Kendall Jenner starred in a recent vogue editorial which was photographed by David Sims. Her new look seemed inspired by a tomboy style and with various tomboy style accessories. In one of the black and white photos her hair is pulled up to make it look shorter. This photo includes suspenders, a dress shirt and a skinny tie.


Another photo has Kendall with a leather jacket, loose fitting striped tie and an dress shirt with the top button unbuttoned. An additional picture for the vogue Paris October 2015 Editorial included Kendall with a black dress shirt, a white tie and a vest. This one perhaps looked the most Tomboy stylistically of all of the pictures.

There were, however, a few photos that featured Kendall Jenner in a more traditional feminine style, including one where her hair was styled more traditionally and included a hat and patterned sweater. Overall it was a great shoot and we look forward to future opportunities for Kendall and David Sims to work together.

Photo credit : David Sims / Vogue’ Paris

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