Kesha owes $14 millions to her managers


It appears that Kesha has to pay no more than $14 millions to her managers for breaching the contract terms.

DAS was Ke$ha’s manager since the beginning of 2006, and there was a written agreement, and they worked closely, and sometime in September 2008 [producer] Dr. Luke, for his own personal gain, somehow induced her to breach that contract,” DAS told MTV News. “So we sued Ke$ha for breach of contract and Luke for interference, and that was last year, and the defense’s reaction was to try and delay us. They made motions. The judge denied all their motions, and now we’re going forward. We’re going to have our day in court. And we’re going to prove that Dr. Luke induced her to breach the contract. She had no right to do so, and we’re gonna get damages from her.”

Now that’s a high amount of money,right?

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