Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought the nest for their not yet born kid

It’s quite some time since there is no longer a secret for anyone that the Kanye West (singer, fashion designer and film director) and Kim Kardashian (TV personality) have a relation and they’re expecting a baby (which, if we are to believe the latest gossips will be a girl).

And it looks like Kim and Kanye want to offer the yet to be born princess a dream house, because they recently acquired a 10,000 square feet mansion in the Bel Air community, the same neighborhood where a lot of other celebrities live, from which we mention only Jennifer Aniston (which we all know as “Rachel Greene” from Friends), Chris Paul (basketball player at Los Angeles Clippers) and Joe Francis (the founder of the international franchise Girls Gone Wild).

kim kanye love nest

The young couple who paid a record price of $11 million for the mansion bought it together, although they are still not yet engaged. Anyway it’s probably just a matter of time ’till this will happen, because it looks that the only thing they’re waiting for is the end of Kim’s divorce of her ex-husband.

Photo credit:Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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