Kim Kardashian And Weight Controversy

There’s a lot of speculation about Kim Kardashian putting on around 200 pounds in weight. However, Kim Kardashian is persistent that she hasn’t put anything like 200 pounds in weight on and wishes that this was possible. In fact, she’s admitted that she wishes someone would ask her to come to McDonald’s or Taco Bell.

kim kardashian perfect

Whilst Kardashian is putting weight on, she’s not putting on anything as much as people say she is. She says that people are 60 pounds off.

Kim Kardashian loves junk food, sweets and chocolate. She’s kind of sad that nobody’s come along and invited her to divulge in junk food. When asked if she’s going to carry on the K name trend, Kardashian said whilst it would be sweet, none of the names she has chosen begin with K. Kayne West wants a unique name for the baby, but they want what feels right. Whether this is a ‘K’ or not, will be decided soon.

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