Kim Kardashian wants to be a wife!

The beautiful actress Kim Kardashian wants to get married, but her boyfriend does not seem to have the same thoughts, which is why the star decided to take action. Being recently out shopping with friends, Kim saw a ring that she loved and took a picture with her camera to show it to her fiance, footballer Reggie Bush. “Clearly he scared when he saw the ring. And I say that is much more expensive than in reality, to feel relieved when you go to buy. I sent a bunch of pictures the ring, “added Kim.It’s kinda okward if you find out that your love mate doesn’t share the same feelings as you do.Maybe you were in rush and you’ve made a mistake,who knows!But anyway he needs to give you at least a sign that she really cares about you and he understand wharever step you make.You have to think that there are a lot of persons who have different opinions and different mentality and for that you need to conform yourself and move on to your next type of person.Kim Kardashian it’s one of the most sexiest girls and I can’t understand why her boyfriend doesn’t understand her decision..If I were him I propose her without any doubt at the moment I see her!But I wasn’t so lucky as he is and I need to get on like every one does.
So next time Kim please think twice about your feelings  and then do the right thing.

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