Kim Kardashian’s new platinum blonde look

kim kardashian blonde look

There is an age old question that pops up once in a while about blonde’s having more fun. Well, Kim Kardashian has been finding out the answer to that.
Popping out The Hair Shop sporting a shiny platinum blonde wig, the little starlet made famous by reality TV shows has made quite a racket online. After taking pictures of the wig and posting them on her photo page on the extremely popular Instagram website, the images spread like wildfire. Being blogged about and re-posted and shared through all the social media sites within hours of their first sighting.
Kardashian made the news recently after being verbally demonized by Jon Hamm, one of the actors in the show ‘Mad Men.’ Hamm’s comments slammed Kardashian for being “a f***ing idiot” who was being “rewarded significantly” by today’s society.
What happens next for Kim? Nobody knows for now, but the blonde wig certainly puts an interesting twist into her life.

Photo credit : Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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