Kim Kardashian’s wedding invitation seems so royal

Kim Kardashian

                                  Courtsey of Lehr & Black

Kim Kardashian’s and Kris Humphries wedding is about to happen lately in august and you can see here how the invitation to the big event looks,ain’t that a bit royal?Kim announced recently that ‘The Royal Wedding’ between Prince Charming William and Kate Middleton was on top of her preferences and she would love one similar or even better.

I don’t know if this wedding will be just like Royal Wedding,but one thing is certain that all the stars from Hollywood will be invited to this wonderful and special event.

The lovely Kim said:

"It was everything I ever dreamt of and more," Kardashian has said. "I think when you know … you know."

Are you ready to see Kim Kardashian saying ‘Yes’ ?This magic word can change their life in something different,something that is beneficial to both.


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