Kourtney Kardashian Gained 45 Pounds More During Pregnancy

According to Us Weekly,Kourtney Kardashian did got 45 more pounds during pregnancy which is definitely something in my opinion.

We can say that Kourtney is now a mom for second time,and having Penelope Scotland Disick which is her daughter name she is more than happy!

The only way to get back to her regular shape is to eat healthy and she is doing that right now,this is  ‘the secret’ if you want to know it!

Everyone keep asking how to stay in shape but they don’t want to understand that eating healthy and doing some exercises can help you a lot in life to achieve your target.

kourtney kardashian daughter

Kourtney on her daughter’s way out:

“I did! She was coming out, and I was thinking, I should pull her,” Kourtney says. “With Mason, I had no idea I was going to do that. This time, I thought, This is what I’m supposed to do.”


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