Kristen Stewart Chanel Makeup Campaign

It is now official that Kristen Stewart Chanel Makeup Campaign is underway. The eternal smoke-eye beauty now joins the ranks of Keira Knightley and Gisele Budchen who front Coco Rouge and Les Beiges respectively. You cannot say that this was not coming since she has been a favorite for the Chanel’s director for creativity, Karl Lagerfeld, since 2013 and has since been featured in various events including ‘Once and Forever’ short film. Her first campaign will be on an eye make-up, a niche she suits so well.


Why Stewart is the perfect match for Chanel woman

Announcing the endorsement, the brand gave many reasons why it had to be the American actress taking the prestigious slot in 2016. She has a compelling natural beauty and free spirit that is typical to the modern woman. Her exquisite portraits are already doing the rounds and you would never doubt the success of her campaign. Hats off Stewart!

Photo credit : Chanel

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