Kristen Stewart Channels the Prairie Look

After being treated to the Kristen Stewart Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign Sneak Peek, anticipation for the rest of the collection has been ratcheted up. Although only four somewhat distressed photos have been issued to kick-start the campaign the style, merging cowboy chic with edgy moodiness, has great dramatic impact.

kristen stewart channel 2014

With Kristen’s corn row braids, thick brows and scowling expression the sepia pics recall the saloon gals of the bad old days in the Wild West. One carefully staged Karl Lagerfeld shot, taken against a battered-looking US flag, has Kristen in hands-up pose wearing a dark shaggy feathery coat that looks as though it was made from something she shot. With it comes a studded leather belt, complete with holsters, and a hairy-looking tote bag slung casually over one shoulder.

Another pic has her lounging in hide boots and tight black pants, against a stark wooden fence. Her jacket has a bold fringe around the shoulders and is worn over a bunched-up tee with another flag and the word Dallas visible above her bare midriff. To complete the image, Kristen is chewing on a toothpick.

The boots and black pants are seen again in another arms-outstretched pose, but this time the arms are clothed in huge white fluffy sleeves and worn with a leather-look blouse, knotted under the bust, white collar, leather belt and metal brooch. A maxi-dress in a vintage-style variation of the stars and stripes, is worn with a very shaggy two-toned shawl and a great deal of attitude.

This is high fashion at its playful, dressing-up best, clearly an inspired sequel to the Chanel Dallas show last December, but taking the Native American/cowgirl look to new, dramatic heights. The ‘Twilight’ star is clearly at ease in her new persona and this sneek peek at the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign will no doubt have many a fashionista hunting down those fringes, furs and feathers and perfecting her sexy scowl.

Photo credit : Chanel

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