Lara Stone Gracing The Pages Of Coveted Fashion Magazine Vogue With Two Wolves

It’s only matching that Lara stone should be on the pages of the coveted Vogue magazine. After all she is the super model next door for the time being.Stone, who gained accolades from Kate Moss for her great boobs and teeth, was styles by her for the 12-page September issue of the most popular fashion magazine, which witnessed Lara posing with wolves.


Lara is seen gracing Ox-blood silk satin attire, alongside two behemoth grey wolves. She is wearing straps made by Versace in an antique looking room.It was quite an active photo shoot with Kate Moss working as a fashion editor for the magazine since last year.

The concept was to depict wildness for Lara stone Vogue UK shoots, which called for the introduction of two wolves. Lara claims to have not been mired from the limelight with the wolves pictured alongside.

Kate moss had her last working season in spring after she joined the magazine last year. She started her career on cover page since 1993. From the beginning of her career to till date she has more than 33 cover page appearances.The 30 year old Duchess claims to have no ambitions after she had a break from work to give birth to her first child. She seems to have prioritized motherhood to her career.


In fact, she has admitted that motherhood has put a great impact on her passion for work, although she was quite apprehensive about awful impact of pregnancy on her body.Wife of comedian David Williams and mother of a 14-month son admitted that her son is her ambition. She just wants be the best mom even though her job gives her livelihood.

When Lara was asked about the impact of pregnancy on her career, she expressed paranoia about the bad effects. She also averred that she did not feel good sitting home idle. She always wanted to do something new and come back to work again.

Photo credit : Matio Sorrenti / UK Vogue

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