Leighton Meester Bikini


It’s a sunny day in L.A everybody!Leighton Meester thinks the same way and she went to tan a little and why not to take a bath in the hot water!Her disguise doesn’t fool us,right?It appears that she is accompanied by some friends,what about her bf?Who knows?Maybe he has to work and not to relax as she does!

Concerning the clothes part I consider they are normally,I like especially her hat which is absolutely awesome!It is expected that a star like Leighton to dress ok and to have normal friends.Now let’s talk about our favorite part and that’s about her swimsuit…it was made especially for her because it’s no comment!It is stretched on her perfect built body and the sun is smiling at her triing to play with her skin.The sand become from hot to normal when she steps on it and the people are amazed of her infinitely beauty.

As you can see she is having a life not so different of the serial “Gossip Girl”,a life of joy and happiness.This life couldn’t had been achieved without a few work.I am sure that she didn’t used the term “few”,for her going on top it’s something that can be achieved.It is true that if it hadn’t been for this serial she wouldn’t have been so high as she is right now!In life you have to have a bit of luck so your desires can be achieved.

Leighton Meester it’s a person admirable and I am sure she will have more success in the future because let’s face it!Beauty it’s the main part of a woman that can help her to be someone…


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