Leighton Meester CW photocall



Leighton Meester it’s more beautiful as ever!As you can see her clothes are absolutely awesome as usual,so when it comes to this subject is no comment!I wonder,how she can keep in this shape?I can imagine how hard it’s to shoot on the “Gossip Girl” stage,how many clothes you have to change,how many persons you need to listen concerning every scene you make and others…Leighton does everything!Even that the season two of “Gossip Girl” has ended,I am sure that they began to film the next one…They’ve already made the story of the next episode and the filmings too..It’s nice that the actors took a break so they can relax a bit while preparing for the launch of the next season.So Leighton we wish you good luck and amaze us with the future episodes,xoxo Gossip Girl.


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