Leonardo DiCaprio pays $1.2 million for Salvador Dali painting

Leondardo diCaprio

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is a big fan of Salvador Dali!It’s insane!Would you like to pay $1.2 million for one single painting?Guess not!

He bid on the Picassos, but it was clear the Dali was what he wanted,” said Rachel Stekson, 23, who works in a Manhattan gallery. “He turned around and was like, ‘Yes!’ ”

He also talks about life:

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next,” he said. “I have no idea and it’s kind of a cool place to be.

“For the rest of the year I’ll be really taking care of myself because I’ve reached 35 and I’ve taken a lot of things seriously, maybe too seriously at times, so I’m going to make sure that whatever I do next and whatever choices I make are really right for me. And we’ll see where that takes me.”

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