Liar Lohan Pants On Fire!

Lindsay Lohan could end up facing jail time if her probation for a shoplifting charge is revoked. The naughty actress is in trouble for lying to the police about the actual events that occurred when she was involved in a car crash last week. Lohan’s Porsche rammed into a dump truck while driving on Pacific Coast Highway. She was in the company of an assistant although both escaped unhurt.

The police suspect that Lohan lied about who was behind the steering wheel at the time of the accident. Initial accounts suggested that it was the assistant who was driving. It later emerged that the assistant had given a contradicting statement to the Santa Monica Police who interviewed them.

lindsay lohan car accident
Eye witnesses testified that both the occupants escaped the wreck from the passenger door. If Lohan is lying, it means she immediately gave misleading testimony to police. This is a felony and is considered obstruction of justice. Lindsay Lohan just never learns!

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