Lil Nas X Scooters His Way Into Trouble in Norway Without Caution

The famous American rapper and songwriter, Lil Nas X has found a new way to land himself into some trouble. The singer is currently in Norway to perform in the upcoming Slottsffell festival on Wednesday but it came out recently that he was about to be arrested after the star uploaded a few Instagram stories showing him surrounded by police cars with the caption “about to go to jail in norway“, but was shortly followed by another story of how the officers turned out to be a fan of his music.

Lil Nas X Instagram Story

It was discovered that the Norweigan police stopped 4 American tourists who were cruising through the Oslo Tunnel, Norway on electric scooters.  One of the Norweigan newspapers, Dagbladet reported that Lil Nas X was part of the said group. The police on Twitter elaborated further on how the group followed a 1.8 Kilometer tunnel late Monday and further on Twitter.

Four people on scooters have lost their way into the Fortress Tunnel. They have used large parts of the roadway, so the road traffic centre has closed eastbound lanes until we can transport them out.“, The tweet says when translated. The four tourists, including Lil Nas X are said to be escorted out after lanes were closed specifically to do so.

The fans of the star took this event as a great opportunity to poke some fun around on Twitter, with many just being shocked at the fact he was about to be taken into custody in Norway.


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