Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Accusations of a Hit and Run

Lindsay Lohan is yet again in trouble with law enforcement, well, maybe not this time since surveillance footage might just get her out of her alleged hit and run ordeal. While Lindsay was trying to get her Porsche parked in the parking garage of the Dream Hotel located in New York City, a pedestrian estimated to be in his 30s was walking across and that’s when the hit and run accident took place according to the man. He states that Lohan hit him, which is believed to be more of a tap if contact was even made at all. Even surveillance video isn’t showing clear evidence that he was hit in the first place.

Many people including law enforcement are speculating that the pedestrian is taking the incident further than it needs to go and if it was any normal person, he would have shrugged it off but since a crowd started to form, he realized that the driver was indeed Lindsay Lohan. 911 was then called which led to Lohan’s arrest after leaving the hotel around 2:30 in the morning. Innocence is starting to be pointed towards Lindsay since signs are showing that the pedestrian is looking for a fortune out of the whole incident if any sort of physical injury even occurred.


Lohan doesn’t exactly have a clean record with the law but for the first time in a while, it’s looking like Lindsay might truly not be at fault but instead it appears as if she’s being set up by the pedestrian who is looking to get some quick cash out of the star. Alcohol has also been thrown out of the equation as a possible reason any accident could have occurred but only time will tell what the official verdict is on the alleged hit and run case of the young star.

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