Lindsay Lohan Fires Her Attorney

Over the past few years, Lindsay has been spiraling down a deep hole of mischief and crime. Not only is she still facing charges for the jewelry heist case, but she stands to spend 8 months in jail for lying to the cops about the car crash on June. Now any sane man or woman would do anything to keep an attorney who has managed to keep them out of the pen for so long, but not little Lindsay. In fact, she does her things in a more bazaar manner.


Just when her attorney, Shawn Holley was headed to the court to negotiate for her (she could get 6 months straight in rehab and avoid the jail term) Lindsay sent her a letter of termination! As if that isn’t enough, she goes ahead and hires a lawyer who was suspended in the early 90’s to represent her…madness right?

Well, we could go on and on about this hot mess of a girl but then again we can almost be sure that she’ll find a way to wriggle her way out of this one.

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