How Many Episodes of One Piece Are There? Every Filler Arc You Can Avoid to Catch Up to Gear 5 Episode 1071

One Piece is called one of the “Big Three” anime for a reason. The vastness of the series is hard to understand without putting in the time and effort, and this is all due to the genius of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series. With 1071 episodes and over 1100 manga chapters, the series in-fact intimidates newcomers to get involved with the anime.

one piece
Eiichiro Oda, Creator Of One Piece

However, the recent hype of Luffy gear 5’s release in the latest episode has caused an influx of many people wanting to get into the One Piece franchise, and in an attempt to help them catch up, we have composed a list of important as well as filler arcs in the entirety of the series.

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Canon One Piece Arcs You Need To Watch

The One Piece plot can be described as a finely woven fabric, with such a huge amount of narration in the series, a little detail can play a crucial role in filling out huge gaps in the story.

Following are some of the most best arcs one needs to watch in order to catch up to Luffy Gear 5 quickly.

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Marineford War Arc

Ranging from episodes 457-490, this arc covers some of the best moments in the anime and perfectly wraps up the first half of the animated series. The nearly 30-episode-long arc goes over the Straw hat Pirates attempt to rescue Ace, who unfortunately died protecting his younger brother Luffy.

one piece
Marineford War Arc

Enies Lobby Arc

Ranging From episodes 264-290, 293-302 and 304-312, this arc goes over a period where each Straw Hat Member expressed their care for their crewmates. It also gave the watchers information about the Ohara country, as well as revealed the Void Century for the first time.

one piece
Enies Lobby Arc

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Arlong Arc

Ranging from episodes 31-44, this is one of the founding arcs of the anime and is often credited for having the viewers hooked to the show from that point onwards.
This arc focuses on Nami and her struggles of getting her village back from Arlong, which as always Straw Hat Pirates manage to pull off together in the end.

one piece
Arlong, Antagonist Of The Arlong Arc

Wano Country Arc

Ranging from episodes 890-894, 897-906, 908-1028, and 1031 to still ongoing, this is one of the best arcs the One Piece story has seen yet. This arc goes over the character development of our beloved pirates, as well as showcases the recent release of Luffy Gear 5, which everyone is hyped about.

Luffy Gear 5 in One Piece Episode 1071

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One Piece Filler Arcs You Can Skip

The magnitude of the story of One Piece does not allow it to always stay caught up to the manga, as either of them occasionally keeps taking breaks. This is where the filler arcs come in, which are not so important to the story and can be skipped without any guilt.

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Warship Island Arc

Ranging from episodes 54-61, this arc is the very first filler in the One Piece anime. The arc goes over the Straw Hat Pirates rescuing someone from the ocean and getting her back to her homeland. This can be skipped as it is not much important to the storyline.

one piece
Luffy Saves A Girl In The Warship Island Arc

Goat Island Arc

Ranging from episodes 136-138, this arc can be skipped right away as it goes over the Straw Hat Pirates landing on a random island where they then help an old man with many goats by fixing their boat.

one piece
Goat Island Arc In One Piece

Ruluka Island Arc

The events in this arc happen back to back with the Goat Island arc, giving us two fillers arcs together. This arc also shows Straw Hat Pirates landing on a random island and then leaving it right after they get to know that they are somewhere they are not supposed to be. It ranges from episode 139-143.\

one piece
Ruluka Island Arc In One Piece

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Ocean’s Dream Arc

Ranging from episodes 220-224, this arc is nothing but a promotion for a One Piece PlayStation game that came out at the time. This arc can be skipped without any worries, as it is not at all important to the story.

one piece
Oceans Dream Arc From One Piece

Foxy’s Return Arc

Happening right after the ocean’s dream arc, Foxy’s return arc is another back-to-back filler arc ranging from episode 225-228 where nothing happens except a fight between the Straw Hat Pirates and Foxy, who is one of the most hated characters in the series.

one piece
Foxy From One Piece

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Spa Island Arc

Ranging from episodes 382-384, this arc is one of the special arcs where fan service is served to the watchers, except the Straw Hat Pirates get disturbed by Foxy yet once again ruining their little holiday.

one piece
Spa Island Arc From One Piece

Silver Mine Arc

Ranging From Episodes 747-750, The Silver Mine arc expands as a setup
for One Piece Film: Gold. The arc covers absolutely nothing relevant to the story and can be skipped as one’s wishes.

one piece
Straw Hat Pirates Get Trapped On An Island Surrounded By Silver Mines

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Marine Rookie Arc

Ranging from episodes 780-782, this arc goes over a story where the Straw Hat Pirates run out of food supplies which leads them to raid a nearby Marine base dressed up as Marines themselves.

one piece
Luffy Dressed As A Marine In One Piece

While fillers help in filling gaps while a manga might be on a break, they are completely optional and can be skipped if the viewer wishes to, bringing them closer to Luffy Gear 5 in episode 1071.

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