Who is the Rarest Pokémon in the World – 10 Super Rare Pokémon of the Original 150

Pokémon is a cultural phenomenon in the modern world. It is a franchise that many people watched and followed while growing up, hence giving it a special place in their hearts.

It is is also worth nearly $100 billion, which makes it worth way more than some of the most known franchises in Hollywood, including Fast and Furious and
the Mission Impossible franchise.

Official Promotional For Pokémon Franchise

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What Is Pokémon About

Originating from the land of anime, Japan, Pokémon is a series that had been running for the past 25 years and just stopped airing recently, it also has a sequel already lined up but more on that later.

The series is based in a world where there live creatures called “Pokémon” who have supernatural abilities. These creatures are then caught and raised by Trainers, who battle each other for sport.

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The show highlights the journey of a 10-year-old boy called Ash, who with his cute little yellow buddy called Pikachu has set on a journey to become the best Pokémon trainer the world has ever seen.

Ash And Pikachu Pokemon
Ash And Pikachu

Ash also makes many friends like Brock and Misty along his way to become the
Pokémon Master, these characters go on to become one of the most loved ones by the fans as the series progresses.

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10 Super Rare Pokémon From The Original 150

When the series first started, there were only 150 Pokémon introduced to the viewers, which was not a lot when compared to the more than 1000 present today.
Nonetheless, following is a list of 10 rare catches of the time.


From Generation I, Porygon is the first artificial Pokémon to be created via computer programming. Its body is made up of small, pink triangles and it is capable of converting its body into digital data, which enables it to enter cyberspace upon will.

porygon pokemon

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These creature’s Pokédex states, “One arm alone can move mountains. Using all four arms, this Pokémon fires off awesome punches.” This should be pretty self-explanatory enough why it can be one of the most sought after ones in the series.

machamp pokemon


This water and ice type creature is often found in the cold regions of the series’ world. It is also a popular choice for trainers, as it is both powerful and friendly and can learn a variety of moves, including even Psychic-type moves. It is also a very fast Pokémon, making it a a good choice for both offensive and defensive strategies.

lapras pokemon

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This creature pays a close resemblance to how a Kangaroo looks in real life. With a brown body and cream-coloured underbelly, it has a large pouch on its belly where it carries its infant, called a “joey“. Kangaskhan is known for its protective nature, and it will fiercely defend its joey from any danger that approaches.

kangaskhan pokemon


Aerodactyl is a Rock and Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It is a prehistoric being that is said to have been the king of the skies in ancient times. It is a bipedal, pterosaur-like creature with a light blue-gray body and violet membranous wings.

aerodectyle pokemon

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Dragonite is considered as one of the most rare Pokémon in the first generation of the series. This legendary creature is able to use dragon powers as well as psychic powers, making it one of the most desired catch in the whole series.

dragonite pokemon


This psychic type creature is something that every OG Pokémon fan must remember. It had the ability to instantly teleport to somewhere else upon its will whenever it wanted. This helped him in fleeing every battle he ever got caught up in, making him a hard catch.

alakazam pokemon

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Omastar is a creature that everybody thought went extinct years ago, but scientists were able to recreate it through a helix fossil. This process makes him one of the rarest in the first generation of the series.

omastar pokemon


This extinct rock and water type creature is somewhat similar to the Omastar, and are recreated only by scientists who are able to get a sample first. To obtain and catch this Pokemon, one must get Kabuto first and then evolve it to Kabutops.

kabutops pokemon

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Mewtwo is the nightmare of every watcher in their childhood. This Pokémon was made by scientists by copying the DNA sample of another legendary and mythical creature called “Mew“, hence, the name. Mewtwo is known for his own self-established will, as well his violent tendencies. This combined with his out of the world powers in every aspect makes it someone to be feared from.

mewtwo pokemon

Rare Pokémon are something that every trainer desire to catch eventually, as these beasts give a huge advantage in the battlefield, leading to victory. Ash’s list of all his catch of such rare beings include names of Dragonite as well as Lapras.

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