Which is the Longest Anime of All Time? Surprisingly, It’s Not One Piece

Can you guess which is the longest-running anime series of all time? If you can, do you know when it began and how many episodes it got? Many people would think it’s One Piece, which has almost 1,100 Episodes and has been going on for over two decades now, but to your surprise, it’s nowhere near the longest anime of all time, Sazae-san. Let’s know more about the longest anime of all time.


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What really is the longest anime, Sazae-san?

Machiko Hasegawa is the author and artist of the Japanese Yonkoma manga series titled Sazae-san. It was initially printed on April 22, 1946, in the Fukunichi Shinbun, a Hasegawa newspaper. Hasegawa went to Tokyo in 1949 after being asked by the Asahi Shimbun to illustrate a four-panel comic for their publication, claiming that the main characters had also relocated from Kyushu to Tokyo. On November 30, 1949, the Asahi Shimbun published the first Sazae-san comic strip.

The narrative of the series centers on the exploits of Sazae Fuguta, a young Japanese woman from a traditional family. Sazae is a self-reliant lady with a strong will who doesn’t mind speaking her opinion. She is a devoted mother and wife who is constantly there for her family.

In Japan, Sazae-san is a well-liked and well-known series. It has received accolades for its comedy, realistic depiction of Japanese family life, and upbeat sentiments about community and family. Additionally, the show has been recognized for aiding in the promotion of gender equality in Japan.

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Scene from Sazae-san
A scene from Sazae-san

Sazae-san was transformed into an animated television series in 1969. The anime series is the world’s longest-running animated television program and is continuing in production today. With an estimated viewership of over 40 million, it is also one of the most-watched anime series in Japan. Japan has a cultural icon in Sazae-san. It represents the principles of the Japanese traditional family, community, and society. The series has received accolades for its optimism, realism, and comedy. Generations of Japanese people have continued to appreciate this adored series.

It is frequently attributed to aiding in the promotion of traditional Japanese culture and family values. Additionally, it is a well-liked tourist location, and visitors love to stop by the home where Sazae and her family reside.

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More Details on Sazae-san

The word “Sazae” is derived from the Japanese word for the sea snail known as an “abalone.” With more than 7,000 episodes, Sazae-san is the longest-running animated television program ever. The anime series, which airs on Fuji Television every Sunday night, is the most popular animated program in Japan.

Sazae-san has received accolades for its wit, its accurate depiction of Japanese family life, and its upbeat messages about community and family. Additionally, the show has been recognized for aiding in the promotion of gender equality in Japan. Sazae-san is a beloved series that has become a cultural landmark in Japan and is still watched by current generations of Japanese people.

A scene from Sazae-san

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Broadcaster, Fuji Television Network said, “We will halt the broadcast of new episodes of Sazae-san for the time being from May 17 and instead air re-runs“.

The coronavirus forced the world’s longest-running anime to air reruns for the first time in 45 years since production was halted.

Source: TheGuardian

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