Look Leaner, Like Lima!

Of course we’d all love to look like Adriana Lima with no effort, wouldn’t we? Well not even Adriana can look like that without putting a good deal of work in, and in an interview with Elle magazine she has now revealed the steps she takes. In terms of Diet and Exercise, Adriana Lima’s Secrets are pretty straightforward but they involve plenty of self-discipline.

adriana lima boxing 2014

Even after giving birth to her baby, the Secret Angel got her figure back within weeks. One of her main weapons with which to fight the flab is High Intensity Interval Training. A series of body weight leg squats and abdominal exercises is interspersed with less strenuous exercises for maximum benefit. Adriana also uses jump rope routines which increase caridovascular activity and athletic prowess. She has said she does not use weights or machines, but more natural ways of giving her body a workout, including high speed boxing techniques. The Brazilian model uses spinning and jogging as well. Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art based on powerful dance movements, and Yoga, are also employed by the supermodel to keep herself in shape.

Diet wise, Adriana follows a plan where the calories are reduced through the day. Breakfast may be oatmeal or muesli, milk or coffee, and lunch will be lean animal protein with grilled green vegetables. Raw carrot or cucumber are taken as snacks, sometimes a little chocolate or a spoonful of honey for energy. For dinner, only salad is eaten, following the old adage that one should ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.’

The overall plan is to follow this weight-loss diet until the desired weight is achieved, then maintain it with a slightly increased calorie intake. She recommends taking medical advice to ensure your diet and exercise regime is suitable for your particular body type.

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