Lottery Playing Celebrities

You’d think that if you were one of the world’s most feted celebrities, you’d have enough money in the bank. But apparently, that’s not always the case. There are quite a few major celebrities who enjoy playing different lotteries.

Perhaps it’s something about not having to work to win the lottery. A celebrity has to earn their money like anybody else, so perhaps the real appeal of that potential lottery win is that you’d get a huge amount of money without having to do anything to earn it.

Photo credit : Getty
Photo credit : Getty

Actor Hugh Jackman is a big lottery fan, apparently. Apparently he buys a ticket every week, and has also been known to buy lottery tickets for everyone in the crew when he’s working on a movie. Fellow actor George Clooney is a lottery fan too, and it’s rumoured that he, Paris Hilton and Madonna have all – at one time or another – had Italian lottery tickets purchased for them as there’s such an amazing jackpot to be won there.

And Simon Cowell has also told reporters that he is a regular lottery player; perhaps he thinks his impending fatherhood will mean life gets more expensive!

We’re betting that the celebs who play different lotteries either buy their tickets online or get one of their assistants to go down to the local shop on their behalf. Of course, if you want to buy your tickets without any fuss or bother, the best way is to buy them online and you can also find out which are the EuroJackpot winning numbers online too.

We mere mortals shouldn’t begrudge celebs having a go at winning the lottery – everyone has the right to dream about winning a huge amount of money – even those who already have very healthy bank accounts. The question is what would they do with their winnings if they landed the big prize? Would they simply add it to their existing wealth or do the right thing and give it to charity? We’ll probably never find out!

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