Louis Vuitton Is Putting The Best Foot Forward For 2017

Louis Vuitton spring 2017 is taking the fashion show back home to Paris. As much as the brand has hit global recognition, it was time that Nicolas Ghesquiere showed a little gratitude to his home place with a store at the heart of Paris. And what a good way to give that store some prominence than premiering the brand’s spring collection?


We all know Louis Vuitton with leading the fashion world, don’t we? But this time the great house of fashion has more than a few surprises for spring 2017. The new collection is pure sophistication and a lot of experimentation has been given room. As much as practicality has some place, there is a daring spirit in what Louis Vuitton is giving you for spring. There is a lot borrowed from the past, especially the 80s, with asymmetrical drapes once again finding way into modern fashion. Call it a genius instinct, but Louis Vuitton has always known how to keep up with the pace of fashion.


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