Love Actually is 10 Years Old, but Still Stylish


This week, holiday favorite film Love Actually turns 10. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full decade since director and writer Richard Curtis launched the film, and even harder to believe that Love Actually, which was not originally intended to be a Christmas story, has since become that rarest of movies: the contemporary holiday classic.

A lot has changed since Love Actually first premiered on November 14, 2003. Ten years ago, we lived in a world without smartphones, YouTube, GPS, or many of the conveniences we now take for granted. Ten years, ago, actors like Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Andrew Lincoln were getting their start in this famous Christmas movie; now, their faces are all over Hollywood.

A few things have stayed the same, however — especially fashion. Retro styles and classic looks mean that much of what you see in Love Actually would look just perfect at a Christmas party today. Unlike other aspects of fashion, these decade-old looks have stood the test of time:

The Love Actually wedding dress

Keira Knightely, who was only 17 when she played the newly-married Juliet, was ahead of the trends with her gorgeous gown. Eschewing the fairy-tale princess poufs and tiers, she wears a simple, sleek, sheer dress trimmed with feathers that would not look out of place at a fashionable wedding today. Her wedding dress is amazing enough to make iVillage’s list of best movie wedding dresses, along with other memorable looks such as the dress that Talia Shire wore in The Godfather.

The Necklace

Who can forget Rowan Atkinson busily wrapping up that beautiful gold necklace? The elaborate bag includes silk rose petals, glittering confetti, holly, and a cinnamon stick! Of course, it’s what’s inside the bag that’s important, and the beautiful gold heart necklace with the tiny red ruby is as fashion-forward today as it was in 2003. There are many replica necklaces online, should you wish to recreate the movie’s iconic scene; just make sure to give it to the woman you love to avoid the problems Alan Rickman experiences in the film.

Christmas-themed outfits

Part of the reason why the Christmas-themed clothing look has lasted for over a decade is because we only get to wear these fabulous outfits once a year. Grab your Santa hats, your snowflake sweaters, and your reindeer earrings — they’re still as fashionable today as they were when the film first premiered. This fun selection of Christmas ties has a special bonus for Love Actually fans: a holiday tie printed with tiny festive lobsters.

Scarves, scarves, scarves

Scarves were making a comeback in 2003, especially the skinny, glittery scarves that several characters wear throughout the movie. The scarf is the perennial Christmas gift, as Emma Thompson’s character woefully notes, but the scarf will never go out of style simply because it is so versatile. Scarves, like hemlines, tend to go in and out depending on trends; the long, skinny scarf that was all the rage a decade ago is finally swinging back into style again. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to rock this season’s retro hot look.

Slim-fit sweaters

Hipster style had not yet caught on in 2003, but designers were already moving towards a new, slim look. The enormous cabled “fisherman-style” sweaters were out, and new, cozy sweaters made of lighter, more flexible yarns were in. Fashion has stayed on the slim side ever since, and the zip-up cardigan that Andrew Lincoln wears throughout the movie would look just perfect at a Christmas party today. Just don’t play Dido tracks in the background. Her stylings are so ten years ago.

When you have your annual Love Actually viewing, note how well the movie has held up to the test of time. Then go out and grab a skinny scarf and a Christmas tie and remember that Christmas — and love — are all around.

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