Lupita Nyong’o as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2014

The People magazine has just crowned this exceptionally talented and inspiring young lady the highest honour- the most beautiful woman of 2014. This Oscar awards winner for the best supporting actress for her role in ‘Twelve years a slave’ has just opened a new chapter in the way beauty is defined. The western standards of beauty has clearly indicated that light skin, sized breasts and being a model does not complete the prerequisites for this highly coveted title. But what really makes Lupita Nyong’o as outstanding? Find out below.


First, her hair style is a perfect one. Most black ladies always get weaves, wigs and such extensions on top of their natural hair. Nyong’o decided to keep it as natural and cool right from square one and this is a big shout out to any other African native. Isn’t this uniqueness deserving a world-class recognition?

Secondly, her smile, perpetually pasted on her face speaks volumes. She knows the colour of her face and that of her teeth too. By creating the contrast, she just kills it!

Aside her physical attributes, she is just worth a thousand and one likes for her character. For one, she has excelled in her profession and quite well. Most interesting is that she has received her top awards and honours almost in the same time. Combine that with the fact that her father is a high-profile person – a senator in her home country and then compare it with her level of humility and simplicity. She has definitely beaten all odds and sailed her way to fame and global recognition with her meekness.

This young Mexico-born Kenyan actress is also known for her moving speeches. For instance, during the 7th Annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon she made a captivating speech in which she recounted her past and how she felt then. This is not a common aspects in most beauty icons.

Lupita Nyong’o now has the reputation. She is likely to keep it that high. It can easily be read from her attitude and the way she is focusing on her future. Her age too is also promising. What a beauty!

Photo credit:People

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