MAC Alluring Aquatic Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Think mermaids, think Aphrodite rising from the foam – the new MAC Alluring Aquatic Summer 2014 Makeup Collection has captured the summer seas theme perfectly. It starts with the metallic turquoise packaging, sprinkled with water droplets, and a wave pattern imprinted on the blocks.


For eyes, Aquatic Extra Dimension shades include Lorelei, a golden beige, and Legendary Lure, a deep cerulean blue. The Lorelei were legendary female water spirits who lured men to death by drowning. Sticking with the legendary theme, the extra dimension bronzer comes in two shades: Aphrodite’s Shell (shimmering golden bronze) and Delphic (shimmering brick tan). The Goddess of Love supposedly arose from the waves in a scallop shell, as famously depicted by Botticelli, and Delphi was the site of the Greek oracle, which foretold the future.

Goddess of the Sea is the name given to one of the lipstick shades, a dark violet with a creamy sheen. Others include Siren Song, a pale lustrous beige; the Sirens were the ocean-going sisters of the Lorelei, who lured men’s ships onto the rocks with their songs. Enchanted one, a medium matte pink, and Mystical, a delicate creamy rose, reinforce the message.

The theme of being irresistibly fascinating to men continues with the blushers: Seduced at Sea, a medium neutral plum, and Sea Me, Hear Me, a pinky beige.The lipglass range includes Clear Water, a pearlized nude, and Water Deities, a light pinkish bronze. Nail lacquers include Submerged, a dark teal chrome, and Neptune, described as tarnished gold.


For neat application there is the split fiber face brush and split fiber eye shadow brush. To keep them all tidy a stylish make-up bag is available, in aquamarine sprinkled with fake water drops. MAC Alluring Aquatic Summer 2014 Makeup Collection is due to appear on their website in May, and is bound to appeal to every girl’s inner siren.

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