Man On A Ledge Can Be Something Amazing

man on a ledge

Another movie that is coming out soon that you may want to check out is Man on a Ledge. In this movie the main character is played by the very hot Sam Worthington, it could be well worth checking out the movie just to see him! In it he is an innocent man who is being framed for a crime that he did not do. In fact this may seem like quite a normal story, one that may have done quite a few times before. The man he plays, Nick Cassidy is said to have ripped off a diamond that is rare.

Since he feels like he has absolutely nothing to lose he decides to climb up on the ledge of one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York. While up there he is all it would take is one step to fall quickly to a plummeting death. 

This could be one of the many movies that the weekend of January 27th one that should be a time to go out. While other choices include The Grey, The Wicker Tree, One for the Money, and Declaration of War.

If one of these does not sound like a good choice you always have the older movies that are out already that you can go and watch. Planning a great start to a weekend could be one of these movies or perhaps dinner and a movie.


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