Man with an Air Conditioner Attacks Michael Bay and the Transformers 4 Crew

Michael bay attacked on the set of transformers 4 while shooting in Hong Kong. The director along with his team members escaped from being injured after an intoxicated man tried to assault them by using an air conditioner as a weapon. According to the statement released by Paramount the team members were attacked on Thursday while they were working on the set of transformers 4.


The street vendors at the shoot location became very violent when Bay refused to pay the huge sum of money they demanded from him. The payment was for the disruption caused to their business during the filming of the fourth part of film franchise called “transformers.” Bay took to his website to comment on this incident. He said that some heavily drugged guys had hindered the production from the morning on the first day of Hong Kong shoot.

Bay also said that a guy has rolled metal carts on his actors and tried to rake in thousands of dollars. He also said that they threatened to hit with bricks. 48 year old Bay is filming Transformers: Age of Extinction in Hong Kong. This film has Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and others in it and is expected to hit the theatres by next June. The director said that they paid each vendor with a fair price for the inconvenience they caused. However, one man wanted four times the sum they offered. Bay had told his man and his buddies that he will not pay extra bucks and that pissed the man.

He also added that this guy returned after sometime carrying a huge air conditioner unit and tried to smack Bay’s face. Bay ducked faster and threw it on the floor while pushing the guy away. When police officers arrived at the scene, it took about seven of them to subdue him.

Photo credit : Hollywoodreporter

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