Marc Anthony is moving on too!

Mark Anthony moving on 2012

Not one to be left in the dust, Marc Anthony has finally started to be associated with a woman as well. We are only saying this because it has been quite some time now that his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez has been hooked up with Casper Smart who is only 24.The reason why this is so significant is because ti seems that the new girl in Marc’s life is also the same age as Jennifer’s new guy.

Could this be a coincidence? Or maybe it’s just the fact that two people who used to be married are dating a person that is basically the same age, and not someone that they would normally be associated with dating, due to age differences.
Who knows but it seems that he’s been doing plenty of rumor starting himself by posting tons of pictures on twitter of him and his new lady friend, Shannon de Lima. It just kind of funny how that has seemed to work out for them both.

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