Marc Fisher Offers Unique Footwear for Everyday Wear

Marc Fisher is a man with passion and a remarkable eye for design. He’s created a line of fashionable shoes designed to fit every part of your active lifestyle. Whether you want to look chic for a night out or you require something more versatile to wear to the office, Fisher’s unique lines offer everything you’re looking for.


How Fisher Got his Start

As young as age 12, Fisher knew he wanted to work in the footwear industry. He inherited this love of shoes from his family because they themselves worked in the shoe industry. He dedicated himself to learning everything he could about the creation of shoes, and after trial-and-error he built a name for himself in the industry. It was his dedication to well-crafted shoes that led to his name becoming well-known.

Fisher has more than 34 years of experience, and this translates to his designs, which have helped him become one of the top footwear designers in the world. He gets his inspiration by traveling the world, in order to hone his skills and learn what other cultures wear on their feet. These experiences continue to inspire him. Today, he’s a well-known name, and one of the top footwear designers in the world.

During his tenure, Fisher worked with many top designers and brands to gain even more experience. He is a student of life, willing to get hands-on with the career he loves. He doesn’t stop gaining experiences, and learning from those experiences. This is demonstrated in his shoe collections, which hit stores yearly and feature inspirational designs.

How Marc Fisher is Run

Marc Fisher, the brand, is a business and it’s run like a business. Susan Itzkowitz From Marc Fisher headquarters is at the helm of the company acting as current president. She is a valued part of the company, and helps facilitate relationships between Marc Fisher Footwear and other top brands.

“We are excited to be welcomed into the Tommy Hilfiger family as their newest licensee and we are looking forward to interpreting the Tommy Hilfiger classic American cool aesthetic into footwear,” said Susan Itzkowitz Executive of business operations in a press release about the collaboration.

Together Fisher and Itzkowitz have created a brand that consumers know they can count on. The shoes value comfort, but also high-fashion. The shoes are put through multiple tests, ensuring proper fit. Because of his extensive learning (a true student of life), Fisher has mastered nearly every type of shoe design there is; from wedges to flats to stilettos.

Top 2015 Summer Picks

This summer look forward to an all-new collection, including a range of airy-type shoes that will dramatically improve the look of any woman’s feet this summer. Some of the best designs include leather thong sandal with jewels adorning the straps.

Check out the Canella if you’re looking for something that’s summery, but also appropriate for a night on the town. The sandals feature woven lattice detail, and they come in black and white, as well as a rich bronze. The neutral color palette makes these sandals the perfect accessory to any outfit, as they’re capable of matching anything you wear.

Because of his history, education, and experience Fisher is offering something more than versatile, beautiful, and comfortable designs. He’s offering a legacy that will survive even after he does; he’s created something that if maintained will eventually become a vintage pairing, and more valuable as time goes on. (Ladies, don’t throw out your shoes when you’re finished with them!) If you’re looking for the perfect pair, designed by someone who understands your needs, you absolutely must shop Fisher’s collections.

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