Marc Jacobs Releases 2013 Honey Fragrance

Marc Jacobs has been very busy recently, working on a new fragrance called, Honey. Honey will be released in summer and is in a very attractive yellow bottle with a bumble bee on it. There are some gorgeous scents in it, including; pear, orange blossom, honey, honeysuckle and vanilla. The fragrance is fresh and sweet. It is very appealing to all kinds of women. It is perfect for wearing on a hot summer’s day and is very refreshing.

mark jacobs fragrance

Marc Jacobs is a New York City based luxurious label, that delivers amazing scents. Marc Jacobs has been closely working with Ann Gottlieb to release the fragrance. The perfume will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles including shower gel and body lotion.

The bottle is very beautiful and feminine. It features bumble bees and is yellow polka dot, in color. The bottle completely matches its name, ‘Honey’. Summer is the perfect time to introduce a fragrance of this name. Honey will be joining other perfumes by Marc Jacobs; Daisy, Dot and Lola. The advertisement will feature a hero shot of the bottle instead of a celebrity or model.

Honey will be on sale exclusively at Sephora, in July, then released nationwide in August 2013. The 50ml bottle will cost $72, radiant body lotion $45 and the shower gel $40. The bottle design is a remaking of the Dot bottle which is designed like a ladybird, which is red with black polka dots. However, the Honey bottle is designed like a bee, which is yellow with white polka dots.

Marc Jacobs was born on April 9th, 1963. He is an American fashion designer who is extremely successful. Marc’s life was completely changed at the age of 7, when his father died. He eventually moved in with his Grandparents and this made a huge difference. Marc studied at the Parsons School of Design and then later, had a position at Perry Ellis. In time, Marc Jacobs launched his own label and grew successful in the fashion world.

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