Marilyn Manson The Latest Flu Victim Amongst Celebrities

Born in 1969 as Brian Hugh Warner, Marilyn Manson is one of the world-renowned artists. The stage name caused stir among people all over the world since it is a juxtaposition of two names of people with questionable character.

He is talented in fields such as song writing, poetry, acting, singing, film directing, and many others. His genre of concentration is rock.

This time round it is not the best and fantastic stage work that Marilyn Manson does is putting him in the limelight. It is the world’s recent flu, the swine flu.

marilyn manson flu

Marilyn Manson flu victim state is not a new case with Hollywood celebrities.

Several other celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, Meryl Streep, and Hugh Jackman had fallen victims of the flu.

This shocking scenario became clear in Saskatchewan in Canada during a night concert. At the start of the concert, he looked composed and energetic as usual but the hell broke loose when he vomited in the middle of his performance. It did not take long before he collapsed.

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